How To Keep Christmas Pounds Off

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for everyone.  Not only do we end up spending all of our money on gifts for our families and friends, but we also spend a whole bunch of time visiting people and travelling to various people’s homes.  This makes it very difficult to watch what we eat and keep up with our exercise or fitness obligations.  Most of us also have traditional dessert items that we make over the holidays.  My family makes at least 10 dozen frosted sugar cookies every Christmas, of which at least 6 dozen get eaten by us.

With all of this eating and running around it’s almost impossible to eat healthy foods, and even harder to get in some daily exercise.  Studies have shown that the average Christmas meal is around 1,000 calories.  This seems like a low estimate that probably doesn’t include two pieces of apple pie, 6 cookies, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.  It also doesn’t include the 5 pigs in a blanket you had before dinner at 200 calories and 16g of fat each.  Just these appetizers alone are almost enough calories to sustain a small person for the whole day.  We haven’t even touched on the wine or eggnog yet.  Five of any combination of these drinks adds almost 1,000 more calories to the total.

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The good news is that the Christmas turkey is not actually too bad for you.  It is low in fat and calories, and high in good proteins.  The problem is that everything else that goes with it is bad, especially the stuffing and gravy.  If you can stick with just turkey and peas or Brussels sprouts you’ll be fine.  Both of these holiday vegetable favorites only have around 30 calories per serving.

Here is some more information about Christmas foods and calories, carbs and fat you get from there.

The last paragraph probably sounds great on paper, but trying to actually eat well while everyone around you is consuming large cups of eggnog, cookies and pie is easier said than done.  No one should be expected to have to continue their healthy ways from around December 1st until the New Year rolls around.  The holidays are about family, tradition, and, sadly for your waistline, massive amounts of food.  Even the hardest of the hardcore dieters often have trouble when it comes to the Christmas season.

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How To Keep Christmas Pounds Off 4.5 out of 5 based on 63 ratings.